Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a treasured and representation of the organization minted on the coins. We are one of challenge coins direct factories and we proudly produce different kinds of challenge coins. We had been produce 350,000 pcs of challenge coins within 10 days for USA troop to give away. As a professional pins and coins manufacturer, we strive to manufacture best quality, design and services for challgenge coins products. Products including challenge coins, challenge coin, police coin, military challenge coin, air force challenge coin, custom challenge coin, unit challeng coin and business challenge coin.

The challenge coins is a tradition followed since World War I when an American soldier saved his own life by carring a challenge coin during the war. Today, the challenge coins are not just for the military but also for everyone. Organizations like police, fire departments, schools, retirements, weddings, colleges, fraternities and clubs could have specially designed challenge coins.

The challenge coins are coins or medallion carried by the members of a specific organization. Ususally an organization's insignia or emblem is on the challenge coins. The challenge coins can be made of different materials including bronze, copper and pewter. We also do customized sizes challenge coins by customer's instruction. We do different effect on the challenge coins like neon challenge coins, light on the dark challenge coins, glitter and 3rd side polished.

We produce challenge coin 1, 2" (51mm); challenge coin 2, 1 3/4" (44mm) and challenge coin 3, 1 9/16" (40mm). We guarentee to polish 3 sides of the challenge coins and to produce challenge coins with 3D high relive air plant, ship logo, air craft or ground commenter. We are the expert of diamond cutting, paten edges cutting, inside area cutting with epoxy or effect shown as glory and different kinds of technical die making in aviation logo show. Please let us know your request for a specially manufactuered challenge coins.

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Challenge Coin, Challenge Coins, Police Badges, Police Coin, Military Challenge Coin, Pin Badges, Air Force Challenge Coin, Custom Challenge Coin, Unit Challenge Coin, Business Challenge Coin

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