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Military challenge coins are also known as military challenge coins, memorial challenge coins, unit challenge coins, or commander's challenge coin, The coin represents affiliation, support or patronage to the organization minted on the coin.
The challenge coinis a treasured and representation of the organization minted on the challenge coin. We are one of challenge Coin directly factory ,and we are proudly to produced many different iraqi challenge Coin and Squadron challenge coin, we had been produce for 350,000pcs challenge coins within 10 days for USA troop to giving away
We guarantee you to make the excellent quality of challenge coins within 2 weeks finished in factory price in any challenge coins. We made any different challenge coins effect on edges as any ways.We also can make it perfect to meet your any special request. We had over then 18 years experience of made any challenge coin, fast artwork to provide within 24 hours FREE and reply all the e-mail question within a day. Free Die making , free design and free shipping in first time and also always give 5 pcs extra when order more then 300pcs, Save $ and get good quality Challenge coin, please contact us and write the e-mail to us.

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