Police Badges

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Police Badges

We are a professional manufacutrer of police badges. We manufacture various police badges for our clients, with 24 K plated in highest relief on each badges. We are able to follow customer's instruction to produce any shape of police badges like star shape and polygon shape. Our products include police badges, police coin, pin badges, challenge coin, challenge coins, military challenge coin, air force challenge coin, custom challenge coin, unit challenge coin and business challenge coin.

We make police badges with a wide selection of materials including bronze, copper and pewter. We are able to produce different sizes of police badges and 3rd side polished police badges and we polish all the police badges. We produce highly relive police badges which are in highest 3D vivid reliefs. As an expert in manufacturing police badges, we are professional in various kinds of technical die making police badges.

As for material for police badges we produce, all materials are 100% bronze or copper. We use highest quality material imported and refuse materials from China. We have high standards in quality control and keep our customers 100% satisfied for police badges. Moreover, we do fast delivery for police badges and we follow customer's instruction.

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Challenge Coin, Challenge Coins, Police Badges, Police Coin, Military Challenge Coin, Pin Badges, Air Force Challenge Coin, Custom Challenge Coin, Unit Challenge Coin, Business Challenge Coin

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