EDM machining

EDM machining

EDM Machining

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Sheng Wei is one of the leading China based EDM Machining supplier in the Tool and Die industry, offering best qualified equipment for making molds. The technique is often taken as spark eroding, die sinking, or burning; by using electrical discharge machining procedure, it completes a manufacturing process to make a desired shape. And the roughness of the EDM machining parts can also be as smooth as mirror-like surface. In most of the cases, this specific method is used to hard metals, and it is only work with electrically conductive materials.  Normally, the EDM machine functions as a tool to remove the material from the workpiece by using two electrodes which discharge the recure current rapidly.  

Established in 1974, we have the experienced and techniques to make our products more perfect.  Nowadays, as we've been devoted ourselves in this field for so many years, we're confident to say that we can provide you the best. These electrical discharge machining items like EDM machining are regarded as a practical solution and an integral part for making prototype and production parts. And Sheng Wei can be your best supplier if you need the parts. For more information in details about the , please feel free to send your inquiry to us.  

  • The precision service Sheng Wei can achieve is :
  • Max. Size : 600x400mm
  • Angle: 0 – 20 degree
  • Precision : 0.003-0.005mm
  • Min. slot width: 0.3mm
  • Max. Thickness: 150mm

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