What is the way you send the goods ?
We can send the goods by sea, air or express etc. It depends on customer's request.
What is your payment term ?
We usually offer "50% T/T with order, and 50% T/T before shipment" or ‘100% T/T before shipment". But it is negotiable and depends on the order amount, the relationship with customers etc.
How long is your production lead time ?
1.5 months for first mass production lot and one month for regular orders.
How soon can I get quotation ?
For simple part without secondary operation and treatment, you can have our quote in 3 days, while for complicated part with secondary operation and treatment, it usually takes 5-7 days for the evaluation.
How long it would take for sampling ?
It depends on product, for simple part, we can have first article ready in 10 days, while for complicated part, it may take 3 weeks for sampling.
What is the min. order you would request ?
100 pcs min.

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