Phase Copper Wire Low-Loss Save-Energy Power Transformer

Product ID: Series S7-30-1600/10-3

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The new s9 transformer takes the function, level and reliability as the must importance, and come to the level of 1990 of developed industrial country. At the same time it reaches a higher level at property and structure because of the using of new material, new parts and new tighten parts.
  • Rating(KVA): >=1,600
  • Voltage(KV): 10.6, 3.6, 0.4
  • Impedance Voltage(%): 4
  • Weight(Kg): 340 ~ 5,205
  • Waste decreases 10.25%. The electric flow decrease 37.9%.
  • Total weight decreases 18.18 percent, and the cost of main material decrease 19.09%.
  • Small volume and weight.
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