Rubtek Industrial Corp.
A-1 Rubber Products: Rubber Seals, Diaphragm, Metal-bonded Parts, Valves, Pump Parts, Mechanical Seals, Dust Cover, Gaskets, Grommets, O-rings, Pad, Stoppers, Rubber Feet (with adhesive backing), Foam Rubber, Flat Rings, U-cups, Rubber Balls (with ground finished or with metal bonded), Packings.A-2 Used Materials: Fluorocarbon (Viton-FKM), Fluoro Viton, HNBR - Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, Silicone, Fluoro Silicone, EPDM -Ethylene Propylene Rubber, PU - Polyurethane Rubber, SBR - Styrene Butadiene Rubber, CR - Neoprene, Polychloroprene, ECO - Epichlorohydrin, IIR - Butyl Rubber, Vamac, NR - Natural Rubber, ACM, Polyacrylate Rubber.B-1 Plastic Products: Modem Cases, Panels, Charger of Mobile Phone, Bracket, Fitting, Tool Boxes, Hand Tools.B-2 Used Materials: Nylon, Nylon 6/6, PP - Polypropylene, PE - Polyethylene, ABS, PVC, PC - Polypolycarbonate, PS, Santoprene.Material Available: B. Bonding requirement gradeF. FDA gradeG. Oil-Resistance requirement gradeH. High strength gradK. Abrasion resistance gradeP. Peroxide curing gradeO. Ozone resistance gradeT. High temperature resistance gradeL. Low temperature resistance gradeS. Graphite gradeC. Conductive gradeAcc. Full compound and various colors

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