Neoprene Support

Neoprene Support

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Neoprene Support

Product ID: Knee Strap - HSNE0006

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Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material designed to act flexibly, durably, and to resist breakdown by water. It is form fitting and resilient. Because air and water become isolated in its unique molecular structure, Neoprene support series product is temperately stable. The many uses of related product include: wet suits, waders, insulated can holders, sports gloves, mouse pads, pet collars, elbow and knee pads, orthopedic braces, tack gear.

This item applies constant, mild compression at the patellar tendon by the use of the tubular buttress.  We provide series health support products to meet your demand.  the neoprene support with soft fabric on both sides can make you feel comfortable.  The knee strap is fully adjustable velcro closure, which can assure a snug fit.

Neoprene support series production at Neotex includes rubber foaming, embossing, slicing, and fabric manufacturing and lamination and is availabl./n uniformed sheet size.  Send us your request now. We will find the most suitable product for you. If you need sample for testing/approval, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very glad to serve you. 

  • ISO 13485

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