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The Neotex elbow support features graduated compression at the edges which prevents constriction of circulation.

No matter you are an athlete or not, it is always important to use an elbow support to protect your elbow from injuries. Elbow injuries could be caused by athletic activities, weight lifting, heavy computer using, etc. It happens even without your notice. However, once you hurt your wrist, it takes forever to heal.

Therefore, you need Neotex elbow support to protect your elbow. Neotex elbow support is worn by many professional athletes, and is user's most popular choice. Knitted elbow support incorporates two anatomically contoured silicones inserts surrounding the medial and lateral elbow bones, lying over the flexor and extensor muscles. Neotex elbow support supports and pressurize the main parts of the body and remove unnecessary pressure on the parts around to make wearing more comfortable. Neotex elbow support is manufactured with innovative design. It can fit human body very well; it's soft, elastic, and giving flexible support with different lightness. Neotex elbow support uses unique material, no allergic effect on skin.

Without doubt, Neotex elbow support is the guardian of your elbow.

The strap support the muscles involved taking the pressure off the tendon insertion, which is the site of pain.

  • Velcro cinch strap for direct pressure.
  • Commonly used for tennis elbow injuries. 

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