Tong Hong Communication Industry Co., Ltd.
The development of transportation is one of the crucial keys to the prosperity of a country's economy. The automobile is becoming more important due to its flexibility and efficiency. Auto parts play a vital role in supporting modern industry and their application is esteemed significant and indispensable. We at Tong Hong Gaskets, are a top exporter of automotive engine gaskets in Taiwan. We have experience in this field dating back to 1968. We integrate modern precise machinery and strict quality control procedures in the operation of our production lines. Our name is well-know in the automotive industry and throughout the world. We continue to improve the excellence of our products and service, therefore sustaining our high reputation and successful sales of our products. Our organization will strengthen research and development efforts to pave the way for future development. We would like to thank our customers for their kind support. Tong Hong sincerely looks forward to moving into the future with you.