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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. (CYH)

By Natasha Lin & Huien Chung 2008/05/09

Over the years, Cherng Yi Hsing(CYH) has accumulated good experiences in plastic plating. It makes more efforts to visit international trade shows and meet more latent customers.

As a commitment for high quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and integrated service, Cherng Yin Hsing (CYH) never stop improving itself to the best performance, and pro-actively visit international trade shows to seek more business opportunities.

With forty years experiences in plastic plating, Cherng Yi Hsing Co., Ltd.(CYH) started its first POP electroplating line in 1969, advances its service to plastic injection, molding, automatic electroplating and multi-layer nickel plating.

Up to present, CYH wide range of finished products include automotive parts, automotive decorative boards, bumpers, lampshade, radiator front decorative boards, rear view mirrors, rims, motorcycle parts and bathroom accessories. In particular, it has long-standing cooperation with Tong Yang Industry Co.,Ltd., a well-known vehicle parts manufacturers in Taiwan, CYH has assisted customers on plastic chrome plating for years,which makes itself great reputation and reliability. Moreover its OEM service has been known in North America and Europe.

"We always think the best interest of customers and understand what they needs. Once receiving the sample, we make our promise to fulfill customers requirements and match the products accordingly." Mr. Yen Ching Wang, General Manager of CYH, said.

CYH's integrated operation includes mold making and design, ABS plastic injection, chromium electroplating, multi-layer nickel plating, polish, powder coating and finishing, customer can also benefit from continuous discussion with technical team during plating process.

In an effort to high efficiency service, CYH pays serious attention to factory management, its three large-scale factories conform to the ISO9001 norm, ISO17025 and TS16949 standard and armed with automatic electroplating equipments. They adequately support mass production and ensure on-time goods delivery.

In particular, using latest plating technology facilities of Multi-layer Nickel Plating Process and complying with quality-control standards, CYH is able to produce various sized products such as small accessories, signs and automotive large formed components (maximum 320cm in length). In order to satisfy customers needs, CYH continues to offer different plating services include process plastic injection, molding design, ABS plastic plating, ABS+PC plastic plating and flame-retardant ABS plastic plating.

"For CYH, stringent quality control will be taken to the very last detail while come up with products that promise high added values to meet customer demands." Mr. Wang said.

CYH conducts Quality Inspectionsinclude Plating Thickness Measurement Test, CASS Resist Test, Microscope and Pore Count Check, therefore, finished plating products are guaranteed as rust-proof, strong adherent, no spots, blister, pin holes on surface, no burn and roughness appeared.

Moreover, in terms of increasing environment concerns, CYH industrial wastewater treatment system also complies with environmental regulations.

"Following effective management system, our team has sufficient experiences in plastic injection and plastic plating operation, and every new employee is trained to be conversant with technical instruction and procedure in detail." Mr. Wang said proudly.

Looking forward to more opportunities not only in North America but Europe market in future, CYH start to visit international trade shows to meet potential customers. As Mr. Wang said, "our high quality plating makes us not worry about competition, all customers are welcome to contact us and compare the price before purchase."

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. (CYH)

GM: Mr. Y.C. Wang
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  • Various specification requirements are accepted
  • High quality control system implementation
  • Products warranty provide
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive price

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