Magnetic Float Level Indicator

Magnetic Float Level Indicator

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Magnetic Float Level Indicator

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The "Magnet Float Level Indicator" is composed of the float and sensing rod. As the float raised or lowered by liquid level, the sensing rod will have a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level. Also, the float level indicator can be equipped with the TAB-1531 Transmitter to produce a 0/4~20mA signal. In addition, we can use with PM series Bargraph panel meter for level control and display. Anyway, "Magnet Float Level Indicator" is a great benefit to all kinds of industries with its easy working principle and reliability.

Product Introduction

  • Plastic Material includes PP & PVDF, can be applied in corrosive environment. Metal material can be applied in high temperature 120°C and high pressure 30kg/cm².
  • Metal float includes various types: Dia.45, Dia.52, Dia.75, Dia.5", Dia.6", Dia.8". Plastic Float type: Dia.48, Dia.55; Specific Gravity: 0.3 ~ 0.8
  • Output: 4 ~ 20mA, three-wire resistance.
  • Supply Voltage:
    • 13 ~ 36VDC (4 ~ 20mA output)
    • 5 ~ 30VDC (Three-wire resistance)
  • Resolution: ±6.35mm, ±13mm
  • Enclosure Protection: IP65, Ex d IIB T4
  • Special specification or custom design is acceptable.
  • Housing Box: stainless steel / PC / PP
  • Measuring Range: FGA.. max. 3M, FGB.. max. 6M
  • Total Resistance of Measuring Range: 5Kohm~1Mohm
  • Every sensing element is protected by a plastic package, safety in use and transport.
  • The measurement range will not be affected by change in specific gravity or pressure.
  • High performance and reliability of electric circuit modular designed
  • Lower installation costs, less maintenance, reduced personnel training, and decreased plant shock down time.

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