Side Mounting Float Switch

Side Mounting Float Switch

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Side Mounting Float Switch

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Simple theory as liquid buoyancy is utilized for the main principle of this "FF" series. A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float to extreme levels up and down. The reed switch is thus "NC" and "NO" exchanged as well as the permanent magnet on pivot will have mutual repellence to the other one inside the housing for like poles, which the micro switch is button-pushed by magnet to states "NO" and "NC" exchanging likewise.

Product Introduction

  • Floats includes 3 kinds of diameter i.e. Dia.41, Dia.50, Dia.75.
  • Plastic material PP & PVDF are suitable for corrosive environment.
  • SUS304/316 materials, can be applied in high-temp or high pressure tank.
  • Max. pressure 50kg/cm², specific gravity: 0.25 ~ 0.65
  • Connecting Flange: Square 92 x 92, JIS, DIN and ANSI specification.
  • Mounting Screw: 1-1/2, 2" PT, PF, BSP and customers order.
  • Side mounting and top mounting are available.
  • With marine grade approval & explosion-proof approval.
  • The side mounted float level sensor ( FF series) are manufactured specifically for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel. They work well as high or low level control.
    • Both Micro-Switch type and Reed Switch are available. The Micro-Switch type is usable even at ambient temp. of 100°C max.
    • Mounting flanges are custom-specifiable. (JIS, DIN, ANSI).
    • A rich variety of floats can suit different specific gravity (S.G.) of liquid.(Custom-made)
    • Liquid-wetted material can be selected for SUS304 or SUS316 as well as explosion proof model..

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