Vibrating Probe Level Switch

Vibrating Probe Level Switch

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Vibrating Probe Level Switch

Product ID: SC/ZVL

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The ZVL piezoelectric vibrating probe level sensor provides an alternative to other level sensor technologies and offers unique advantages all its own. The vibrating probe principle eliminates the problems concerning changes in material density, moisture and composition while providing reliable solid state electronic circuitry that requires no calibration. The ability to detect a great variety of material densities includes extremely light materials, and the versatility offered by different model configurations makes the ZVL an attractive solution to customers' needs for reliable, accurate high or low point level sensing.
A piezoelectric crystal located at the base of the probe driving at a vibrating frequency of 285 Hz when in the free air. The oscillation state will be changed when the filling material is contacted, via the electronic circuit to output the switch signals. The probe is maximally sensitive at the far end and the dimmed sensitivity at base minimize the problem of false signal caused by build-up or draining out of material on the wall of vessel. Another desirable effect of the vibrating probe is in its character to shed off the clinging material when in the free air.

Product Introduction

  • Single vibrating probe with strong construction,calibration free easy usage.
  • The powder won't build up on the vibrating probe.
  • Can be used in high-viscosity and low-density material.
  • Power supply 110/220VAC, relay output 5A/250VAC SPDT.
  • Mounting screw 1-1/2" NPT, conduit 1/2" PT, PG 13.5
  • Housing material: Die cast aluminum NEMA4, IP56 Probe construction: SUS 304
  • Power consumption: 2 VA maximum
  • Minimum material density sensed:
  • Maximum vertical load on rod: 177in.Lbs. (20Nm)
  • Temperature in bin at probe: -22°F to 176°F(-30°C to 80°C)
  • Operating pressure: Vacuum to 150 PSI (10BAR)
  • Field-Selectable fail-safe: Maximum or minimum(Hi or Lo)

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