13.56MHz Mifare Card Reader and Writer

13.56MHz Mifare Card Reader and Writer

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13.56MHz Mifare Card Reader and Writer

Product ID: PP-690/M2

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PP-690/M2 Mifare® Reader/Writer with contactless smart cards are mostly applied in stored value or data applications, such as in access control, vending, toll road, ticketing, bank card, transit card, ID card, phone card, and various prepaid cards.

Read/Write for Mifare card ( 14443A type ).

Dimension 140(L) ×85(W) ×28(H) mm
Weight 320g ±10%
Mounting Surface mount
Reading range 5~ 7cm
Frequency of operation 13.56MHz
Power supply 12VDC±10%
Format RS232, RS485, USB
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ 55°C
Humidity 20%~90% RH, Non condensation
- Mifare® is a registered trade mark of Philips. We reserve the right to change the specification without notice or obligation!

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