Elevator Control, Lift access control system

Elevator Control, Lift access control system

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Elevator Control, Lift access control system, Elevator access controller

Product ID: PP-36

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•PP-36 is an intelligent time recording terminals designed to meet variant applications in time attendance and access control, lift control & ARM/DISARM security requirements. Each terminal can be operated independent simply or through PC/Internet adapter PC-T100 to fulfill the multiple doors access system. The recording terminal includes nearly all the necessary functions for time recording and access control with bountiful manual & PC executed commanded functions as well as friendly operation commanded for manual operation.
  • Dimensions:118mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 17mm(H)
  • Weight:Net weight:98g ± 5 % Gross weight: 204g ± 5 %
  • Power input:DC 12V±10%
  • Power consumption: 25mA~60mA(not include power requirement for lock & alarm)
  • Transmission rate:Default 9,600 bps N,8,1(2,400/4,800)(19,200bps/38,400)
  • Operating temperature:0°C ~ 70°C
  • Operating humidity:10%~90%
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Serial interface:RS-485 & RS-232
  • Serial output:
    • 1. For connection with serial printer.
    • 2. To drive DDR (digital door relay) for secure assess control function.
    • 3. To drive 8/24/48/64 relay output modules for lifts access control
    • 4. Bountiful application functions requested by customer
  • Events/ Card capacity by series
    • (1) K Series: 1,000 card capacity,500 events.
    • (2) L Series: 2,000 card capacity,1,000 events.
    • (3) M Series: 30,000 card capacity,10,000 events.
    • (4) N Series: 11,000 card capacity,32,000 events.
    • (5) P Series: 11,000 card capacity,8,000 events.
    • (6) X Series: 32,000 card capacity, 32,000 events.
    • Other capacity combination requested by order
  • Card standard:EM 125KHz / Mifare 13.56MHz(ISO 14443A or ISO 14443B)(Depending on order)Wiegand 26/34 bits port for any kind of reader
  • External Reader:With one port for external Wiegand (26/34 bits definable by command) & ABA input(by order)
  • Mifare® is a registered trade mark of Philips.
  • We reserve the right to change the specification without notice or obligation!
  • Features for time recording application:
    • •Selectable batch or real time operation mode.
    • •79 duty codes, duty name defined by PC.
    • •Totally 192 alarm schedules (8 schedules per hour) dry contacts output for periodic belling.
    • •Could collect data through PC by real time or one by one events or massive block dump.
  • Main features for access control application:
    • •System parameters and personal access map can be downloaded by PC.
    • •The personal access map is consisted of card ID, staff number and name, PIN and Time Zone Status, expiry date and Anti-passback.
    • •Excellent multiple operation modes :(1) Card only (2)Free access (3) Automatic operation mode by time zones.
    • •Individual personal access map can be edited by block range add or delete card in group basis by on-lined PC. Single / block range card number or by directly reading card thru. learning mode.
    • •Selectable immediate or batched conditional sorting and then printing out events thru. serial output interface.
    • •With complete door release, held monitoring and intruded alarm period and error trials.
    • •Supports 8/24/48/64/96 floors lift access control.
    • •Full APB (anti-passback), time zone.
    • •Could dump all personal map in system by single PC.

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