Hair - Line Surface Polish Machine For Stainless Steel Sheet

Product ID: YHA-9450, YHA-9440, YHA-9420, YHA-9210

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It starts to brush the surface with satin brush roller & transfer by the worm & gear to the transfer clamp, rubber rolls. Then hair-line by the emery cloth roll, press by one or many roll to make the hair-line comes out and make it beautiful shining. Total line must combine laminator.
  • The satin brush roller number could be order is customer need.
  • The hair-line process could be change by customer weep.
  • The press-load of the brusher can be setting.
  • The outlet's laminator could supply manual cutting & auto-cutting type.
  • Whole line including table lifer, conveyor, main machine.

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metal surface, grinding / polishing machine, stainless steel sheet, non - woven flap brush

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