No. 4 Belt Sanding Machine For Stainless Sheet

Product ID: SSG-930, SSG-911, SSG-920, SSG-912

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Many sets of the two clamping rollers to transfer the sheet stably, Simple to operate, quality is reliable. It is easy to change the emery cloth belt. Quickly sanding, raise high the capacity, easy to maintenance. If wet type, there are spray nozzles in the inlet & outlet excluding the dust collection equipment.
  • It can transfer the sheet back & forth easily.
  • With two sets air breaker to stop the
  • It can add press on the sheet by adjust the eccentric gear box.
  • With displayed to show the sanding loading.
  • Dry or wet type all supply to the customer.

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metal surface, grinding / polishing machine, stainless steel sheet, non - woven flap brush

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