Etching Production Line

Product ID: EDU-3030

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In order to etching some drawing on the stainless steel sheet, there you must let the sheet inked paint and dried feed into this etching production. You'll find the sheet surface is same as the drawing of the inked paint, but it's more beautiful than it before. There we suggest the process inlet; 1st etching area; 2nd etching area; water recycle clean; soft water resin clean; Q.C. area; chemical liquid resin (de-inking); water recycle resin; soft water resin; water sucking; blower dry; I.R. dryer; outlet.
.Working piece: Min. length 120mmW.
  • With titanium heater to enlong the life of heater.
  • The operation of the line is easy.
  • Maintenance of the line is very simply and easy.

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