Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

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Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

Product ID: YH-190

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Covered yams are superior to conventional yarn for its adaptability to a lot of raw materials, the fine yarn- forming property and particular look of the finished products. Metallic yarns can be woven, braided, and knit into many stylish fabrics. The covering machine can produce covering yarn at lower cost by processing it at a higher speed when compared to traditional low speed winding equipment.

Characterized by wide application, smoothly running and convenience in operation, the covering machine is suitable for single or double covering and any size denier spandex. It feeds continuous fibers such as polyurethane yarn, generally known as spandex(Spandex yarn is one of our raw materials, which has excellent elasticity, elongation, and attrition resistance.), nylon and polyester, into an interlacing nozzle with a feed roller set at high speed. 

Charming Star specializes in providing a wide array of textile equipment such as twisting, braiding, covering machine, label printing, crochet knitting machine, jacquard needle loom, narrow fabric needle loom, and a wide range of raw material. We are always closely pay attention to valued customers’ needs, so our products always meet their expectations.



Metallic Yarn Covering Machine is suitable for ST type covered (seal or Semi seal covered). It is cord by Nylon, Polyester or Cotton and covered by Metallic yarn. The ST type metallic yarn is used for Embroidery, Knitting and weaving. 

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