Metallie Yarn Slitting Machine

Metallie Yarn Slitting Machine

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Metallie Yarn Slitting Machine

Product ID: YH-536

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There are two types and models of multi function cone winding machine: CMcw150 and CMcw02C. The machine is designed for various raw materials with high speed, quality and various functions, including metallic yarn rewinding, filament winding, and spun winding. And it is the final processed machine for metallic yarn covering. The cone winding machine is developed to wind sewing thread onto different inches of plastic or paper tubes; thus, it is applicable for winding sewing thread, polyester yarn, and high stretch yarn which can be used into different specifications of cones. There are many advantages of multi functional cone winding machine, such as easy operation and smooth work. Charming Star is the ISO 90001-2000 awarded company who are offering the precision cone winding machine and supplying OEM, ODM services as per the needs of customers in various industrial applications for different purposes.

CMcw150 Cone Winding machine is with multi function for various raw material, such as metallic yarn rewinding, filament winding, spun winding. Especially in metallic yarn, it is the after processed machine for metallic yarn covering.

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