Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

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Metallic Yarn Covering Machine

Product ID: YH-116D

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The metallic yarn covering machine is used to twine metallic yarn on cotton thread for embroidery, crochet, and so on. The metallic yarn covering machine is specialized in Metallic film slitting by appropriate design and convenient operation. In addition, the machine is suitable for producing MX and MH metallic thread which are widely used in fields of knitting and weaving, and for manufacturing ST type which are used for embroidery, knitting and weaving (seal or Semi seal covered). Our company is offering various types of metallic yarn covering machine for different demands of customers, including CMrc-116Bl, CMrc-116E, CMsc536, CMrc-190ll, and CMrc-190. Those are cord by Nylon, Polyester or Cotton and covered by Metallic yarn. There are different details and functions for dissimilar models. Welcome to inquire for the related information.

Position single Covering 128 Double Covering 256 Single Covering
Install Power 7.5/7.5KW 7.5/7.5KW
No. of Section 8 8
No. of spindle/section 32 32
Spindle Pitch 200mm 200mm
Twist Rang 200-3500 200-3500
Speed of Spindle RPM 7000-14000 7000-14000
Spindle Drive Tangential Belt- Arc track Tangentail Belt
Speed Adjustment Inverter or Pulley Inverter or Pulley
Take-up Packing-mm 160 * Φ 50 * Φ 60 or 160 * Φ 56 * Φ 69 160 * Φ 50 * Φ 60 or 160 * Φ 56 * Φ 69
Take-up Packing-G  
Take-up Forming Mechanical Forming Mechanical Forming
Twisting direction S.Z Twisting S.Z Twisting
Machine layout-mm 16400*650*1850 1640*1462*2250
CMrc 116 Series Metallic Covering Machine is suitable for MX, MH type covered It is cord by Metallic Yarn and covered by Nylon, Polyester and others; it's depending on the operator. The MX, MH type are used for the fabric weaving and knitting.

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