Product ID: XDYF20-03-00

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Ningbo Haihong Hydraulics Co., Ltd. is one of China leading hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers. We provide high quality hydraulic cartridge valves since 1992. Contact us today for all your hydraulic cartridge valves OEM/ODM requirements.

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Max. Working Pressure Spring Ranges Flow Max Size
315bar 1~300bar 100L/min 20
  • Haihong Cartridge Valve Model:
    • Item: XDYF20-03-00
    • Product Name: Pilot-operated Check Relief Valve (poppet-type)
  • Cartridge valve Direct operate:
    • Direct operate: extremely dirt tolerant , very fast acting, apply to low flow hydraulic systems.
  • Cartridge Valve XDYF20-03-00:
    • XDYF20-03-00 pilot operated relief valve is disclosed which includes a first control space operatively connected to the inlet fluid channel, and a second control space operatively connected to the outlet fluid channel. In one embodiment, each control space is connected to a relief outlet by means of an adjustable valve, whereby the valve is adapted to operate as a pressure relief valve in either flow direction. In another embodiment, one of the control spaces is connected to the opposite channel by means of a one-way check valve, so as to function as a makeup fluid supply valve upon the pressure in the opposite channel reaching a predetermined low level.
    • apply to low flow hydraulic systems.

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