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Product ID: JF06-00-00

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[ Screw-in Cartridge Valves]
Screw-in cartridge valve is one branch of hydraulic valves, it use screw thread as connecting way, that reduce many tube connections and make the valve more compact size, speedy acting, convenient fixing and unfixing, steady function. Due to these characters, Cartridge Valves have been widely used in construction machine, hydraulic system and many other hydraulic industry fields.
Hydraulic cartridge valve can be directly screwed into cavity of manifold block or single body (metal block), therefore failure caused by leakage, shaking, noise or tubing can be much reduced and dependability can be significantly improved.
A wide variety of cartridges allows engineers to find almost any hydraulic control function in cartridge form - with very few limitations.
Item: JF06-00-00
Product Name: Pressure Valve --Pressure Reducing Valve

Counterbalance Valve: JF06-00-00 Pressure Valve is ideal used for the unidirectional load and performs all duties of a regular overcentre. Haihong Pressure Reducing Valve (Pressure Valve) is able to relieve and stay open irrespective of downstream pressure. It gives static and dynamic control of loads by supplying a counterbalance pressure to the cylinder.

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Max. Working Pressure Spring Ranges Flow Max Size
315bar 5~80bar 40L/min 06

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