Bi-directional Relief Valves

Bi-directional Relief Valves

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Bi-directional Relief Valves

Product ID: SYF 10-00-00

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The relief valve is a type of valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system or vessel which can build up by a process upset, instrument or equipment failure, or fire. The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurised fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. When the pressure setting is exceeded, the relief valve becomes the "path of least resistance" as the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid is diverted through the auxiliary route.

Item: SYF10-00-00
Product Name: Bi-directional Relief Valve

Reducing Valve: The Bi-directional Relief Valves is ideal for maintaining a constant pressure lower then the system pressure. When operating pressure reaches the valve setting,the main spool moves,the pressure is reducing.
Max. Working Pressure Spring Ranges Flow Max Size
250bar 30~230bar 60L/min 10

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